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International call charges:

We offer some of the cheapest international calling rates from the U.K. to any country. With us you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, because there are no contracts to sign, no hidden charges and no phone cards to use, leaving you completely commitment free. To get started you simply dial the relevant access numbers for the country you wish to call before dialing your destination number. If you try us out and find a cheaper alternative in the future (which is very unlikely as we constantly monitor competitor's prices) you can use them instead! So, how do you pay for the calls you make?

When you make an international call through us, we only charge you for calling one of our access numbers. We bill your service provider directly and they then bill you. So you receive no extra bills from us. For example, if you make a 15 minute call from a BT landline to a friend in Canada, the next time you get your phone bill you will see a call to our 0844 720 2321 number for a duration of 15 minutes and a total charge of 28.9p (1p per minute x 15 minutes and a 13.87p call set-up fee from BT). Simple as that!

The prices shown on this site are BT's charges per minute for calling our access numbers. BT apply a 13.87p set-up fee for each call (as of July 2013). That is the set up fee they charge all customers for each call, regardless of whether you use our service or not. If you are using a different service provider you will need to check with them if they have any additional charges. Some mobile service providers include calls to our access numbers within your free minutes dependinng on your monthly contract. Please check with your mobile service provider.

Look up the current rate for any destination with the relevant access number.

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